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Weed controlPlant: It’s the perfect time to plant your warm-weather annuals & perennials as well as vegetables. Sow seeds for summer & fall veggies, such as squash, corn, peppers and beans. Fill your pots and containers with striking combinations, such as calibrachoa, bidens and a decorative grass or heuchera to give them interesting texture and composition.

Rose control
Control Weeds:
 Stay ahead of weeds by checking your garden weekly and pulling weeds before they flower and seed. Evergreen offers several pre-emergent weed herbicides, including Concern® Weed Prevention Plus, a 100% natural corn gluten herbicide in pellet form. If you are already feeling overwhelmed with weeds in your garden, we offer many types of weed killers for your garden beds and lawns.

Feed: Keep your vegetables and plants growing and looking good by giving them the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Try EB Stone® & Green All fertilizers for a healthy, flourishing garden.

Control Bugs and Diseases: Your veggies and plants are looking yummy to those nasty pests and plant diseases. Products like Bonide® Rose Rx, Bonide® Tomato & Vegetable 3x and many others can help treat a myriad of issues organically. If you aren’t sure what’s getting your plants, bring a piece of the infected plant in and show us. Our friendly experts can recommend the right product for your problem. Slugs and Snails are out in abundance right now, so make sure to stay one step ahead before they destroy your investment. Hand-pick where possible and bait regularly. Keep watch for Aphids and Spittle Bugs, which look like foamy masses on your plants. Both are easy to control. Just give your plants a blast from the hose, pick up some ladybugs at Evergreen Nursery, or control large infestations of aphids with Bonide® All Seasons Horticultural Oil.

Lawns: Old lawns and active lawns can become compacted, making it difficult for water, fertilizer and oxygen to reach the roots. If you can’t push a screwdriver up to its handle into the turf, it’s time to aerate. Keep weeds from overtaking your beautiful lawn by using a product such as Weed & Feed.

Fruit: Before apples, Asian pears, nectarines and peaches reach an inch in diameter, gently twist off enough fruit to allow 4-6 inches between remaining fruit. This improves the size of the remaining fruit, reduces risk of broken branches and keeps trees producing well annually rather than in alternate years.

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