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Even though we have gotten some rainfall this spring, the Bay Area is still under drought conditions. All of us gardeners would do well to practice Water-Wise Gardening techniques this summer. This includes watering strategies as well as thinking ahead about what to plant to reduce the need for water in your yard. This may mean removing your lawn and planting native plants or even adding in extra shade to conserve water and protect sensitive plants.

We have compiled a list of gorgeous trees that we stock here at Evergreen Nursery. These trees will not only look fantastic in many yards but they also will help you to be a Bay-Friendly, Water-Wise Gardener!  All the trees on this list are drought-tolerant and will need less water than most trees, once established. They will also create shade in your yard, offering a cool place for plants and people alike during the hot summer months. Plant them as focal points in your landscape or beside your house to help lower your AC bill. Come into the Evergreen Nursery to see all these beauties for yourself and to pick out your favorites! We will see you soon!

Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree)
Chitalpa tashkentensis (Chitalpa)
Laurus nobilis (Sweet Bay)
Olea europaea (several varieties both fruiting and non-fruiting)
Quercus agrifolia (Coast Live Oak)
Lagerstroemia (Crape Myrtle)
Albizia julibrissin (Mimosa)
Cercis occidentalis ‘Merlot’ (Western Redbud)
Ginkgo ‘Autumn gold’