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Yellow Peach DahliaDahlia

Experience the wonder and beauty of the dahlia flower!

These bold, bright full flowers dazzle gardeners all over the world. Dahlias are the official flower of San Leandro, but they are native to Mexico and Guatemala. Through centuries of hybridizing and selection, dahlias have become extremely diversified. They come in a variety of sizes in both plant size and bloom size. Dahlias also have a huge color range, including orange, pink, purple, red, yellow and white. You can grow dozens of varieties and not repeat the same exact flower! We recommend growing a wide variety to enjoy them all!

Planting Dahlias

Plant dahlias in spring after the threat of frost has past and the soil is warm. Pick a spot in full sun (at least 6 hours per day) and make sure to work in lots of organic matter into the planting area. They like well-draining soil, so use compost that has some fir bark mixed in such as Green All Fir Mulch.

Dig planting holes approximately 1 foot deep and wide. Space the larger varieties 4-5 feet apart and 1-2 feet apart for smaller sizes. For taller sizes, we recommend that you drive a 5-6 foot stake into the hole, just off center. Then plant the tubers 2 inches from the stake, with the growth bud pointing towards it. This will give you a support for later on, as well as a good marker indicating where you have planted your tubers.

At the time of planting, make sure to use an appropriate amount of E.B.Stone Organics Bulb Food at the bottom of the planting hole. After shoots are above ground, start watering regularly to a foot deep and continue this throughout active growth. Be careful not to make the soil too soggy. Most bulbs, especially dahlias, like damp but not saturated soils.

Organic fertilizer

Dahlias make excellent cutting flowers.

Pick nearly mature flowers early in the morning, while it is still cool. Immediately place cut stems in 2-3” of hot water and let stand in gradually cooling water for several hours or overnight. This helps your dahlias to last longer. Remove the foliage that is under water and use a floral preservative in the water. Then place your homegrown arrangement in an area out of direct sun and enjoy your reward!

Pick your Favorites!

Come to the Evergreen Nursery to see our dahlia selection and pick out all your favorites. We recommend planting several different types for a full, colorful display!