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plant spring annual flowersSpring annuals are in stock now. Come and choose now to fill your flower beds.

Before you plant new plants, make sure to prepare your soil with compost rich in organic material.

Put some snail bait out now. New hatchlings are out, so start controlling populations by using Sluggo or Bonide Slug Magic, snail baits that are safe to use around pets.

Keep watch out for aphids and spittle bug, which look like foamy masses on your plants. Both are easy to control. Just give your plants a blast from the hose or control large infestations with Bonide Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew.

plant vegetables in April

Plant your vegetable gardens now. Vegetable and herb starts are in stock and replenished several times per week.

Clean-up azaleas and rhododendrons after they are done flowering to keep them looking great and prevent diseases.

Check grafted trees for sucker growth. Suckers are shoots that sprout from below the graft line. Remove with pruners and dress large wounds with pruning sealer.

Prevent Coddling Moths. Those worms in your apples, each year, are actually coddling moth larvae. Now is the time to put-out coddling moth traps in your trees to help identify moth presence and help prevent affected fruit this fall.

Turn on your irrigation systems and flush them out. Set your timers to run longer, but fewer times per week. Check with your water provider to comply with any restrictions in place currently.