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Spring planting is upon us! It is time to make sure your soil is ready for all those delicious spring and summer vegetables. Before you plant your spring lettuce, peas summer squashes and tomatoes, it’s time to check your soil and amend it, as needed. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Carrots on soil

Soil Test

You can perform a simple home soil test to determine if your soil is too low (or too high) in any major nutrients or if the soil pH is imbalanced. You can amend your soil according to this knowledge, for optimum nutrition. You can also visually check your soil for signs of ill health. Look for poor drainage, sickly plant growth, a high percentage of clay or sand or a gray tint overall. All of these are signs that your soil could benefit from some amendments.

Organic Soil Amendments

We carry many different types of organic soil amendments that will increase the health of your soil and garden. Products like GreenAll Soil Booster ($6.88 per 1.5 cu ft bag) will help increase soil vitality and help give your plants a healthy start this year. By amending your soil, you will get better growth from all your plants and fewer disease issues.


Whether you buy it or make it, compost is often the best choice for improving soil conditions. The rich decomposed organic matter adds macro and micronutrients to the soil to increase overall plant health. Compost also contains a host of beneficial bacteria and other microbes that work to unlock nutrients in the soil and out-compete harmful microbes that could lead to disease. We recommend adding an inch or two of compost to the top of your soil and turning it in gently.

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