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We don’t need to tell all of you that we are in a severe drought currently. It is affecting everything from our home water usage to our plans for the summer.  All of us can do our part to minimize water use and conserve resources until the rain returns. But we can still have a thriving, beautiful garden and landscape! The “Bay-Friendly” -trained garden staff at Evergreen Nursery believes that it is possible to have it both ways. We have been watching the weather and adjusting our gardening practices accordingly. It is important to take care of our environment and conserve water. But it is also important to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer, in our own backyards!



We will be sharing all of our best water-wise gardening tips with you over the coming months. Stay tuned to our blog as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to get even more ideas on how to conserve resources and save money in the garden this year.

Know your Plants: We all know that it is easier to just water all your plants at the same time. However, by getting to know your plants’ needs, you may be able to save both time and money. Do a little research, come talk to our staff or hit us up on Facebook to find out how often your plants really need to be watered. Adjust your sprinkler systems or hand-watering schedule to give them just enough to fill their needs without wasting water.sunshine

Lawn Care: Most people over-water their lawns to begin with. Grass is a very drought-tolerant plant and is able to thrive and survive (AND stay green!) with a minimal amount of water. We recommend watering your lawn 1-2 times a week. Just that much should keep your lawn green while still saving water. When in doubt, go for the minimum amount and keep an eye on your grass. If it continues to brown, increase the water a little bit at a time until the green returns.

Watering Lawn

Mulch: A nice, thick layer of bark mulch can go a long way towards conserving water in the garden. It traps water in the soil, slowing evaporation. It also offers insulation to plants, keeping roots cooler and less thirsty over time. Mulch has the added benefits of suppressing weeds and keeping flower beds looking neat and tidy!

Plant Now: Winter is the best time to plant most plants, drought or not. Plants appreciate adjusting to new homes when the soil is cool. But, in a drought, it is even more important. New plants usually need extra water during the first few months, post-planting. Your water will go much further and do more good if you plant now, rather than wait until May or June. It may not feel like gardening season right now but IT IS! California may impose voluntary or mandatory water restrictions so the time to plant is upon us!

Water early: Water your plants in the early morning (or in the evening) to minimize evaporation. Watch out for windy conditions because that can vastly contribute to water waste. Try to keep your hose close to the ground to prevent water from getting carried away.

For more water-wise gardening tips, check out our Pinterest board. And stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more tips throughout the season.