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Plan.  Use these final winter days to plan your spring and summer garden so you will be ready for spring’s rush.  With the garden bare, it’s easy to see structure. Make a list of plants you need or areas that need help.

Plant Roses in FebruaryPrepare. Get ready for spring by cleaning out your flowerbeds. Pull weeds and clean up last year’s growth on perennials.  Make a list of plants you need to fill in those bare spots.

Plant.  Now is the time to plant roses, fruit trees, perennials and more! Conditions are ideal now, before the weather becomes more severe. We have many gorgeous plants in stock.  Come in to Evergreen now for the best selection.

Start.  Now is a good time to start your vegetable and flower seedlings indoors. We have all the supplies you need to start them, including the seeds themselves!

Prune.  This month is your last chance to prune and spray deciduous trees and shrubs at the dormancy dilution.

Spray.  After pruning make sure to use dormant spray!  Use copper spray for fungus and All Seasons Oil for over-wintering insects.  Spraying now will prevent problems later.



Bait. Put organic snail bait out now.  New hatchlings of slugs and snails are coming out, so get a jump-start on controllingsluggo2
populations by using Sluggo, a snail bait that is safe to use around children and pets.

Houseplants.  Check your houseplants regularly for proper moisture.  Heaters can make them dry out much more quickly than other times of the year.

Feed.  Switch your Cymbidium food once your orchid is finished blooming. Use Gro-More 30-10-10 (red) now.  Start fertilizing your roses and other plants that are coming out of dormancy.