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Coretta Scott King

Plant Roses. ‘Tops in Pots’ Roses arrive at Evergreen Nursery mid-December. Exciting varieties worth trying this year include Anna’s Promise, Fragrant Plum, Ketchup & Mustard™, and Sugar Moon™. Come out to the nursery to choose from our outstanding selection. View All Roses

Pots. Plant up pots for a cheerful winter display. Short on time or ideas? Talk to our friendly staff about creating a custom pot for you.

Clean up areas around peonies, roses, bearded iris and other flowers that are prone to fungal diseases; don’t leave any debris in place. Never throw diseased leaves on your compost pile.

Garden Resolutions for the New Year. Use those dreary days to plan your spring and summer garden so you will be ready for spring’s rush. With the garden bare, it’s easy to see structure. Make a list of plants you need or areas that need help. The friendly experts at Evergreen are happy to help with ideas.

Protect. As the temperature dips, protect frost tender plants such as citrus, avocados, cacti, succulents and more from the chill. Make sure to protect plants before the frost hits. Use Bonide® Wilt Stop and DeWitt Plant Protection Blanket.

Citrus and Fruit Tree FoodFeed citrus. Citrus trees need lots of nitrogen. Feed orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees six to eight weeks before bloom time in spring. We recommend E.B. Stone Organics Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer.

Dormant Season Pruning. January is the prime time to prune deciduous flowering vines, fruit and shade trees, grapes, and roses. (For spring-flowering plants such as lilacs and Japanese snowball, wait to prune until after they have bloomed.) Make sure to clean up cuttings and dropped leaves.

Sow seeds for carrots, winter radishes, rhubarb and turnips.

Pick off old flowers from camellias and azaleas and clean up dropped flowers to reduce petal blight, a fungal disease. Do not add them to your compost pile.

House Plants. Revitalize your house plants by washing the leaves, inspecting for insects Monterey Liqui-Copand repotting them if necessary. Check your houseplants regularly for proper moisture. Heaters can make them dry out much more quickly than other times of the year.

Garden Tools. Sharpen tools now in preparation for pruning and spring cleaning. This includes pruners, loppers and lawn mower blades. Make sure your tools are clean, as they can spread disease from one plant to another. If it’s time to replace old, worn tools, we have an excellent selection here at Evergreen!

Control Disease. To control brown rot on apricots, and peach leaf curl on peach and nectarine trees, spray with Bonide® Liquid Copper Fungicide or Monterey Liqui-Cop after leaves fall. Apply sprays on dry days when rain isn’t predicted for at least 36 hours. Thoroughly cover the branches, stems, and trunk as well as the ground beneath the tree.

Bonide® All Seasons OilDormant Spray. Protect your fruit trees, berries and roses with dormant oil such as Bonide® All Seasons Oil to smother overwintering insect eggs and pests. Spray after leaves have fallen. Thoroughly cover the branches, stems, and trunk as well as the ground beneath the tree.

Control Weeds. Keep weeds under control in your lawn with Bonide® Weed Beater Ultra. Throughout your beds, spot treat with Bonide® KleenUp.