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Winter Garden flower: Camellia Sasanqua Apple Blossom

Camellia Sasanqua Apple Blossom

The Bay Area is unique with our wonderfully temperate climate. Winter for us rarely includes snow and we don’t have too many days when the mercury dips down into freezing temperatures. Because of this, you will able to enjoy a winter garden more than folks in other parts of the country and even other parts of California.


Even so, many of us don’t pay much attention to our winter garden, letting it sit dormant and barren. There is no reason you need to look out your window at a garden full of leafless, dormant plants!


Winter Garden flower: Japanese Pieris Blossoms

Japanese Pieris Blossoms

This month is a good time to take a walk through your garden with a pen and pad to take notes. Ask yourself:

  • What’s missing?
  • Do you need more green?
  • Would you like to look out to see bright flowers?


Winter blooming plants come in a range of colors from pale greens, ruby reds, pinks, whites and everything in between, so you are sure to find a flower color that works with your landscape scheme.


Bright-Blooming Winter Garden Annuals

For colorful blooms, you can plug in some annuals that add instant cheer. Cyclamen, flowering kale, pansies, violas & Iceland poppies are all good choices for instant color during the winter months. It’s also fun to create a border for a bed out of mixed lettuces, giving you both color and food.


Winter Garden flower: Helleborus Painted Doubles

Helleborus Painted Doubles

Flowering Evergreens

For more longevity, you might consider adding landscape plants to the mix. Camellias, daphnes, pieris, and loropetalum are evergreen shrubs with gorgeous blooms that can transition your garden thru the cold months into spring.


For smaller perennials, look to hellebores, which add sparkle to your late winter garden when covered with their long-lasting delicate, cup-shaped blooms that open up amid their leathery, serrated leaves.


Winter Garden flower: Dwarf Golden Threadleaf Cypress

Dwarf Golden Threadleaf Cypress


Backbone Plants of a Winter Garden

Every garden can use some backbone plants that add structure throughout the year:

Conifers & false cypress come large and small, and in many shades of green for all sizes of gardens.

Coleonema adds bright, chartreuse green with delicate pink blooms in the spring. These are especially lovely when paired with the dark burgundy foliage of loropetalum.

Barberrry turns a brilliant crimson in winter before dropping its leaves in late winter.

New Zealand Flax adds color, form and texture to your landscape.

Nandina offers four seasons, with leaves that change colors but don’t drop, and berries in the winter.

Ornamental grasses, such as fall blooming pennisetums & miscanthus, add interest and texture to the winter landscape with their stark beauty.


Winter Garden planting: Miscanthus Morning Light

Miscanthus Morning Light in winter

Come into Evergreen to see what’s blooming, green, colorfully, or with interesting texture this winter. Need help with ideas or designs? Talk to one of our friendly staff members. We’d be happy to help you get the most out of your garden this season.