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Living Christmas TreesIt’s the season for living Christmas trees at Evergreen Nursery! Long a tradition with sustainably-minded gardeners, they cheer the weeks around the Christmas holiday and also fit right in to patios and landscapes between the other seasons of the year.

Spruce varieties are popular favorites, including the beautiful Blue Spruce and the Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Dwarf Alberta Spruce is particularly durable, beautiful, and very slow growing, making it an ideal container plant.

Regular water and occasional fertilizer is all that’s needed to keep your tree happy outdoors. At Christmas time, bring it up to the front porch or prominent location to decorate at Christmas time. For patios and decks, colorful companion plants make a festive grouping.

Once decorated, these trees will cheerfully welcome your holiday guests. They can even be brought into the house for a week or so. However, it is important to remember that these trees should never be placed over a heater vent (or close to a fireplace) in order to reduce stress to the tree.

The vibrant tones of evergreen, poinsettia, and paperwhites make for a warm and striking combination in your family rooms during Christmas week.

Once back in the garden, these trees will remain good container plants for many years. It’s re-using at its best: earth-friendly, economical, and beautiful.