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Happy Autumn, fellow gardeners! We are thrilled to welcome this beautiful time of year, when leaves are changing and there’s a Oct 10crispness in the air. It’s a spectacular time in the Bay Area, especially along the water where the fog is lifting and the cool Autumn sun shines bright. And, it’s the perfect time to get planting!

Many of us start thinking about planting new trees and shrubs in spring time; however, fall is really the prime time for planting! When you plant trees and shrubs in autumn, they grow to be stronger and healthier!

Reduced Shock: About this time of year, many trees, shrubs & perennials begin to go into dormancy, when little active growth is taking place. Plants are less vulnerable to the stress and shock of being transplanted while they are in this state. This helps to prevent root damage and reduces disease susceptibility.


Japanese Barberry 'Rose Glow'

Japanese Barberry ‘Rose Glow’

Increased Root Growth:
Many trees and shrubs build their root structure during the cold season, while the rest of the plant is dormant. When you plant in the fall, new plants have all Winter to establish strong root systems, which gives them a strong foundation for future growth.


Thriving Temperatures: Soil and air temperatures are just right for planting in the Bay Area in the Fall. The soil is warm and the air is cool, with only mild sunshine, thereby avoiding sunburn and overheating. Trees and shrubs can easily adapt to their new surroundings and begin to thrive!

Purple Smoke Bush in Autumn

Purple Smoke Bush in Autumn

Taking advantage of Winter Rains: Planting during Fall helps take advantage of our rainy season, which will irrigate the soil deep, allowing healthy root systems to develop. Don’t forget to water before the rains so your plants can establish.

Fall Color: This is the time to shop for trees and perennials which boast stunning fall color. In the nursery, our trees, such as Japanese Maples, Crape Mrytle, Smoke Bush and more are starting to change. When you shop and plant in the fall, you know exactly the color you are getting, allowing you more control over your garden color.

Dividing Perennials: Bearded Irises, penstemmon, agapanthas and more are also going dormant, so it’s the perfect time to dig them up and divide them for better bloom production next spring. See more in ourĀ Garden Check-list.

Dividing Agapanthas

Dividing Agapanthas

It’s the prime time to plant new trees, shrubs and other perennials in your yard. Evergreen Nursery can help you make it happen. Whether you are looking for a new focal point, a shade tree or a privacy screen or hedge, now is the time to get them in the ground!

Come to the nursery to see our selection and talk to our Friendly Experts about all the options.