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mums Chrysanthemums have developed far beyond the classic, simple flowers people normally think of. These gorgeous, fall beauties come in all sizes, shapes and blooming styles and are the crowning glories of the Fall garden.

The rich colors of the Fall landscape would be incomplete without garden mums. They perform wonderfully in the Bay Area and look spectacular when paired with bright colors or with Fall grasses as a backdrop. Versatile Chrysanthemums can be planted as a border or en masse, extending your garden well into November and December. As your containers start winding down from their Summer spectacle, you can make some minor changes by replacing spent annuals with Chrysanthemums to give them new life and create an outstanding Fall display. Plant them anywhere that cries out for a spectacular splash of color.
Oct 11

Garden Chrysanthemums love full sun and rich, well-drained soil and are photoperiodic, meaning they bloom in response to shorter days and longer nights. A night length of 12 hours triggers bud formation. Cooler night temperatures also encourage blooming. Individual flowers on the plants can last from three to six weeks. High temperatures and lack of water shorten the flowering period. Most garden mums can withstand several light frosts. To help ease their transition into Winter, it is a good idea to harden them off a bit before you plant them in your yard. Do this by placing them in a bright sunny place in your home for a week or two before planting outside. Then plant them in a protected sunny place and water them well.

Mums are herbaceous perennials and will return year after year if properly cared for. Water regularly and deeply to keep the plants and flowers healthy. Plants can become painfully wilted and still spring back. Mulch to conserve moisture and to keep the soil cooler. They are fairly low-maintenance and just require a little clean-up, after they have finished blooming for the year. When they come up next Spring and Summer, be sure to pinch them back to create a bushier plant and delay the blooms until Fall.

Garden Mums are available in an exciting array of colors–yellows from delicate creamy pastels to brilliant deep gold; soft pinks and lavenders; bright pinks and purples, wine reds, ivory, pure white, and bronze tones.

Come into the Evergreen Nursery to see our expanded selection of Chrystanthemums in bloom. We have gorgeous colors and varieties to mix and match. Choosing a color scheme works well with Mums. For Winter, you may want to go with hot colors, such as orange, red & yellow which are warming and vivid. You can also create a lovely Autumn display in colors such as coppers, rusts and wine reds, forecasting the splendid colors of changing leaves. Mums are stunning paired with or planted in pumpkins. Our friendly staff can help you create a striking fall display in your garden or container.