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With the gloriously famous Bay Area October weather, there are still many ways to enjoy color in your garden this month, whether with a fresh batch of annuals or the fading and changing colors of hydrangeas!

Oct 2

Autumn containers – Sunset Magazine

Flowering Maple (Abutilon), Yarrow (Achillea), Argyranthemum, Aster, Alstroemaria, Bacopa, Begonia, Cannas, Coprosma, Coreopsis, Cyclamen, Dianthus, Flowering Cabbage & Kale, Caryophyllus (Carnation),Chrysanthemum, Gaillardia, Hydrangea, Lantana, Marigolds, Pansy, Primrose, Roses, Rudbeckia (Gloriosa Daisy), Salvia, Stock, Sedum, Snapdragons, Viola.