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Aug bird

Our feathered friends are a wonderful addition to the garden. They add beauty and entertainment with their antics and songs. Birds are also great garden helpers by eating insect pests year-round. The Western Bluebird sings for its supper and enjoys bugs, especially grasshoppers, beetles, weevils, crickets, and caterpillars-sprinkled with the occasional ant, fly, centipede, sowbug, and snail. Chickadees, titmice, sparrows and many more will be happy to help you in the garden. If having these lovely winged creatures visit your garden is something you want, take a look at the ways to do it listed below.

Berries: Many plants produce berries that the birds just love, with different species producing in different seasons. Some even persist throughout the winter. Plant a variety, to give the birds a continuous source of food. Try planting Cotoneaster, Beauty Berry and Holly. These gorgeous plants produce edible berries that light up the landscape as well as providing food for the sparrows, finches and chickadees and other species of birds.

Aug bird2

Seeds: This is a great source of protein for the birds and will keep them coming again and again. The most obvious choice is to plant your own Sunflowers. These tall, gorgeous beauties will produce full heads of seeds for the birds and usually a few will fall, planting themselves for next season. Most birds also love the tasty seeds that come from other annual flowers like Nasturtiums, Nigella and Calendula. Coneflowers & Rudbekia are good choices for perennial color that adds pizazz to your garden and produce edible seeds that will provide winter food for the birds as well as fall & winter interest for you.

Nectar: Flowering plants that produce delicious nectar are a sure way to bring hummingbirds to Aug bird 3your garden. Hummingbirds are fond of bright colors and are generally drawn to flowers with a trumpet shape which fits their long beaks. Try planting Honeysuckle, Fuchsia, Foxglove or Salvia to attract hummingbirds to your garden. Agastache is commonly called “Hummingbird Mint” because it is a magnet for these adorable little birds. They also love shrubs like Bird of Paradise and Bottlebrush and Abutilon. If you want lots of hummingbird visitors, come to Evergreen, where we can help you choose plants that will be a veritable smorgasbord for hummingbirds.

Water: One of the most important factors in attracting birds is providing the birds with something to drink and bathe in. All birds need and enjoy water and its fun to watch them drink and play. A birdbath is great, but remember to keep the bowl clean and the water fresh. A fountain or waterfall can add ambiance and beauty to the landscape and birds will appreciate the water and keep returning for more.

Trees & shrubs: Planting the right trees for birds as part of a bird-friendly landscape will help attract a wide variety of species to your backyard. Trees are an essential part of bird landscaping, and the right trees can meet all of birds’ needs for food, water, shelter and nesting sites. Trees provide sap, buds, nuts and fruit for birds, as well as hosting insects in bark and leaves.

Bird Feeders: If you are short on the space to plant all the bird attracting plants and trees, you can still attract visitors by putting up birdfeeders. They come in all kinds of shapes and designs to feed many different varieties of birds, from hummingbirds to finches and more.

Evergreen Nursery has everything you need to attract birds to your garden. We have all the best plants to send them flocking as well as seeds, water features and feeders. Come in today to get started!