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July sucSucculents are fun, unusual and easy to grow.  They do well both indoors and out and can be used in many creative ways.  Try some of our ideas below to make an interesting succulent garden.  We also have been compiling some ideas on Pinterest.  Follow us there to get more gardening tips and ideas.  Go to http://pinterest.com/evergreennrsy/ see photos of some of these fun and easy projects.


Succulents are related to cacti and retain lots of water in their leaves, so they do not need frequent watering. In fact, they prefer a warm, dry environment and very well-drained soil. You can even grow them in very rocky soil and they will thrive. The projects listed below and on our Pinterest page not only make terrific accents in your home or office, they are thoughtful, unique gifts your friends or relative will cherish for years.

July suc 3Build your own wreath: Succulents can be planted in a soil and peat-filled wreath structure and arranged artfully to create a mountable, living wreath. They are easy to make and stunning.

Hanging Succulents: This is a new favorite trend popping up everywhere! You can arrange soil and moss within a simple ball structure and plant succulents (and other plants) right in the ball. It is wrapped tightly with twine and fashioned into a lovely hanging plant that will thrive nicely, while dangling from your ceiling.

Tiny Displays: Small succulent cuttings can be rooted in water or planted in soil in very small containers for an adorable display. These cuttings can be placed in tiny vases, small mason jars, slim vials, tiny terrariums or other containers to create an adorable living display. When paired all together, they create a charming miniature garden. Perfect for small spaces or just for their own cuteness.

Glass terrariums: Succulents grow well in glass terrariums and apothecary jars, and lend a classy look when paired with a small amount of soil, a bit of moss and an attractive stone or shell to accent. These are easy to create and produce attractive displays that are perfect for home décor or for professional settings.
July suc 2The Evergreen Nursery has a wide variety of succulents, such as sedum, elcheveria, aeonium and much more. We carry many types of containers, including gorgeous apothecary jars, terrariums and small, tear-shaped hanging terrariums, all at terrific prices. Other items you’ll need to complete your project: E.B. Stone Cactus Mix, E.B. Stone Agricultural Sand, E.B. Stone Naturals Decorative Rock and a variety of mosses are all here too, making Evergreen Nursery your one-stop succulent project headquarters. Check out our succulents page on Pinterest to get inspired, then head down to the nursery to get your supplies.