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waterwise gardening

With the mercury rising, our thoughts turn to keeping our plants hydrated and looking good. You can still have a lush garden in our arid climate without draining the reservoirs. Conserving water protects our precious resources and keeps your water bills down. It is helpful for our environment and it saves you money, a win-win! We have compiled a handy list of water-saving tips so that you can easily become a Water-Wise Gardener.

Water with Intention: Put some thought into your watering habits to avoid waste. By paying attention to the specific needs of your yard and plants, you can learn a lot about what they need. Watch for when plants show signs of distress, so you know how often they need a drink.
Here are a few other ideas: 

  • Water your garden in the morning or evening, when the temperatures are at their coolest. This helps more water to get to the roots, instead of evaporating.
  • Water deeply and less often, to encourage deep root growth and to give plants a proper drink that can last for a few days. Once established, most plants require less water than you think. Watering deeply 2-3 times a week is usually fine for most plants. Over-watering can be just as bad for plants as under-watering.
  • If you have a sprinkler system, make sure it is not watering the pavement. Check your system regularly to make sure it’s running properly and there are no leaks.
  • If you are in the market for a new watering system, consider a drip system for your beds, which gets water directly to the base of your plants and uses less water than conventional, over-head sprinklers. You can even run drips to your pots, eliminating extra work and worry for you.

Our Experts at Evergreen Nursery can evaluate, fix and install irrigation systems. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Plant for your Yard: Stick to plants that will do well in your conditions. Before planting, consider how much sunlight your yard gets

Water Wise Knot Garden at Filoli Gardens

Water Wise Knot Garden at Filoli Gardens

and what your soil conditions are like. You can save water by having plants in your garden that thrive in your conditions. Don’t try to nurse along tender, shade-loving plants in a sunny environment.

Add Mulch: A few inches of mulch around the base of plants not only helps keep the soil moist and cool longer, it has the added benefit of keeping water-thirsty weeds down. Evergreen Nursery carries a wide range of mulch products, from Fir Bark in small, medium and our new mini-size fir bark chips, mini Black Bark, Shredded Cedar in our bulk rock yard as well as bagged mulches for smaller needs. We deliver and can install it in your garden for you.

The Right Plant in the Right Place: Group plants with similar water needs, so nothing gets over- or under-watered. Those inspiring photos in garden magazines are great, but particular plants shown may not be right for our planting zone.
For advice on what would work best in your garden, come into the Nursery and ask our experts

Rethink your Lawn: That gorgeous green turf is your number one consumer of water in your garden. Making your lawn smaller or eliminating it in favor of less thirsty plants is one way to save water while having a luscious garden. You can also help your lawn stay greener with less water by adjusting your lawn mower to a higher setting. By leaving the grass a bit longer than usual, you can conserve some water. The grass will retain moisture better and need less attention.

Plant a Shade Tree: If your yard gets nothing but full sun, consider planting a shade tree in your yard. As the years go on, you will save water for all the plants that grow in that shade. Trees also cool the temperature of your whole yard, increase property value and add a lovely spot for your own summer enjoyment!

Make sure to attend our Water-Wise Gardening Workshop on Saturday, May 11 at 1:00 or stop into Evergreen today for more great tips on how to grow a spectacular garden while conserving water.