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We know that certain insects can be a consistent problem in the garden.  Some bugs chew through our beloved plants and plague them at every turn.  However, many insects that live in the garden are extremely helpful.  These beneficial bugs should be protected and encouraged.  We at Evergreen can recommend products that help control populations of the bad bugs while not harming the good ones.

Here are a few of our favorite beneficial insects:

Bee pollinating an aster

Wonderful pollinators.  Mason beesbumble bees and butterflies all help to pollinate fruiting plants and are an essential part of a successful edible garden. You can encourage them by planting other flowering plants they like and by creating habitat like mason bee houses.  Without these helpful six-legged creatures, we would not be able to enjoy the bounty of blueberries, apples, tomatoes, squash, peppers and so much more.


Bug-eating bugs. Some insects can quickly become a gardener’s best friend by eating
other, more harmful, insects.  The best known of all these are the lovely ladybugs; they will eat scores of aphids a day when given the chance.  Lacewing larvae are also voracious aphid predators.  Praying mantis will deftly exterminate many caterpillars and insects when they are in the larva stage.  We love spiders.  (I never thought I’d say that.) Funnel weavers, crab spiders and golden orb spiders, although fearsome creepy crawlers, are the deadly enemy for a wide variety of insect pests. Beneficial Nematodes (Steinernema Feltiae) are microscopic warriors that kill soil borne pests such as flea larvae, spider mites, fungus gnat, weevils, grubs, rootworms, cutworms, and many more. These Nematodes search, find, and kill pests living in the soil.

Come talk to us today about increasing the beneficial insects in your yard. We can help you find the right plants to try, and talk about methods to keep your garden pest (and pesticide) free.  We have lots of information on these beneficial bugs and others, so when you spot them in your on your plants, you will realize they are your gardening ally.  You can purchase beneficial bugs at Evergreen Nursery. We sell live Praying mantisnematodes and ladybugs.