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Trees and other plants not only have an amazingly positive impact on our environment but also on our own health and well being. Earth DayTrees produce oxygen and provide habitat and food for many creatures, including humans. They hold soil in place preventing erosion, cool the overall temperature of the planet and provide many ingredients that make up many of the foods and products we depend on every day, such as fruit and nuts, as well as wood to build our homes.

They have been proven to also improve mood and decrease stress in many people. Spending time in nature has many known benefits. That’s why it is important to preserve and protect our environment. One way to do that is to participate in Earth Day.

Earth Day began in 1970 and is celebrated April 22nd, each year. Now in its 43rd year, Earth Day spawned the birth of the environmental movement as we know it. People who participate in Earth Day have planted millions of trees, and helped educate and raise awareness of worldwide environmental issues. Earth Day has helped to initiate the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many acts of beneficial legislation that protect natural resources and public land.

Earth DayLove your mother Earth, and celebrate Earth Day this coming April 22nd and every year. Learn more by visiting www.earthday.org. Then come into Evergreen Nursery to find that perfect tree to add oxygen, tranquility and beauty to your neighborhood. We have an enormous selection of landscape, patio and fruit trees from which to choose. Check out our website, www.theevergreennursery.com/shop/plants/trees/ for a list of trees we offer, or if you are looking for a particular tree, we can try to order it for you. If you have only a small spot for a tree, our experts can recommend the right tree for you!