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Start. Put seedlings out as weather warms to harden them off. Don’t leave them out overnight, though! Hardening your seedlings will prepare them for transplanting later on.


Control. Watch out for aphids on new plant growth. Control infestations with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew, which is safe for Organic Gardening!

Annuals. Spring annuals are in stock now. Come in and get some to add instant color to your garden and fill in your flower beds.

Birds. Welcome your feathered friends back by cleaning out your bird feeders and replacing old seed.

Water. Make sure to water your plants in between raining periods, but check the soil first.

Plant. Now is the time to plant spring flowers and vegetables as well as summer-flowering bulbs like Dahlias. We have an excellent selection of summer flowering bulbs in stock. Come into Evergreen now for the best selection.

Prepare. Get your soil ready for planting by amending it with organic soil amendments, such as GreenAll Soil Booster, and compost. This feeds both the plants that will go in the soil and adds microbes that help the plants to grow. By amending your soil, you will get better growth from all your plants. Come into Evergreen today to pick up all the supplies you need to prepare your beds.

Fertilize.Many trees and shrubs are just waking from dormancy. Give them a dose of E.B. Stone Tree & Shrub Food to encourage healthy growth for this year. As the weather warms, start your spring and summer feeding routine. Ask one of our friendly experts for suggestions on which fertilizers you should be using.

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Mow. Don’t wait too long to start mowing your lawn. With spring rains and warmer temperatures, your grass will need to start being mowed somewhat regularly, starting in March. Now is the time to switch your lawn food to GreenAll Lawn Food or Weed and Feed.

Put organic snail bait out now. New hatchlings of slugs and snails are coming out, so get a jump-start on controlling populations by using Sluggo, a snail bait that is safe to use around children and pets.