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It’s time to wake up the vegetable garden and get planting for the season! While it is too early to plant a few summer favorites like sluggo2tomatoes and peppers, there are many cold-tolerant veggies that can go in the ground in March. Evergreen Nursery has all the supplies to get you started. We have both seeds and starts coming in for all your favorite spring vegetables as well as the soil, fertilizers and tools you need to get them in the ground.

Salad greens: Plant lettuce and spinach in March, either from seed or starts, to get an early crop of fresh, spring salads! You can plant other greens like mustard, arugula or kale to add more interest and spice to your salads. Be sure to lay down some Sluggo as an organic slug and snail deterrent. They love those tender greens too!

peasPeas: Snap peas, shelling peas and snow peas can be planted outside in March, to provide a delicious early summer treat! They don’t mind the cold weather and will begin to wind up a fence, cage or trellis in no time. Be sure to stake them early, before their growth gets out of control. You may also want to cover the soil while the seeds germinate, to prevent birds from digging them up and eating them.

Onions: Early spring is the perfect time to plant onions of all types: reds, sweets and scallions alike! By summer, you will be harvesting flavorful, delicious globes that can be used in just about any dish. We sell both onion seeds and starts so come get your favorite varieties!

Cruciferous vegetables: These cabbage family favorites don’t mind cool spring weather and will thrive in moist cool soils. Plant broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and cauliflower anytime in early spring. Remember to leave at least a foot in between each plant because most of them get fairly large and leafy. These are also a favorite for slugs so protect your plants, especially while they are young!

Root Crops: Plant any root crops from seeds or starts throughout the spring season. This includes carrots and beets as well as carrotsturnips, parsnips and rutabagas. Don’t forget to thin the seedlings in a few weeks, if they come up close together. Most root crops need at least 4 inches in between plants.

Happy Spring gardening! Come into the nursery to see what we have in stock. We are always happy to chat with you about your options and can advise you on the best varieties for your needs. See you soon!