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If you have an apple or pear tree, you might be familiar with codling moths.  They are one of the most common causes of holes in your  fruit.

Adult codling moths lay their eggs on the flowers of these trees and the fruit forms around the young.  The holes you see are the result of the larvae eating their way out of the apple.

You can greatly reduce the number of affected fruit by hanging codling moth traps in your trees as they come in to bloom.  These pheromone traps will attract adult moths before they have a chance to lay their eggs.

captainjackdeadbugbrewBeneficial nematodes are also effective in codling moths control.  Codling moths can also hatch out from the soil and beneficial nematodes will destroy them there.

Finally, you can take one more precaution against general garden bests.  Apply Bonide Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew, which contains Spinosad, a kind of beneficial bacteria that eliminates garden pests. It is safe to use on edibles and is organic.