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Not only is this time of year a great time to spruce up your garden, but there are a lot of things you can do now to help make it easier later. Preventing weeds is something many home gardeners overlook. Start by understanding the type of weed you are trying to control: broadleaf (such as Dandelions) or grass (such as Annual Bluegrass or Crabgrass). Then take note of where these weeds tend to show up in your yard: lawn, flowerbeds, or both. These two factors will determine which product you need to use and your application timing.

Annual Bluegrass

Annual Bluegrass is a lawn weed that can be prevented by using GreenAll Prohibit

For example, GreenAll Prohibit will help prevent lawn weeds like Annual Bluegrass and Crabgrass. Annual Bluegrass starts coming up in the fall and grows all winter into spring. Since there isn’t a weed killer that will control this in a lawn after it has started to grow, the only way to control it is with a pre-emergent. Then use GreenAll Prohibit again in the spring to prevent Crabgrass from germinating. GreenAll Prohibit is also a complete lawn food, so there is no need to broadcast two products on your lawn, saving you both time and money.

Another pre-emergent weed control is Concern Weed Prevention Plus. This product is 100% organic corn gluten. It can be used anywhere in your garden without fear of damaging existing plant material and it is safe for use around people, pets and wildlife. For your convenience, this product is available with a fertilizer or without. Concern Weed Prevention Plus works especially well with broad leave weeds in planting beds.

Ultra BloomProper fertilization is important at this time of year. With the cooler temperature, certain kinds of fertilizers might not work as well as others. This is due to the different sources of nitrogen. Because of this, you generally want to switch to winter formulations or use one that contains nitrate nitrogen, which is best for use in the cooler temperatures. For lawns, switch to GreenAll Fall and Winter Feed to keep it healthy and green.

For flowering or fruiting plants, try a dose of EB Stone Organics Ultra Bloom 0-10-10. This fertilizer contains no nitrogen and can be used anytime to help promote flowers and fruit. Since there isn’t any nitrogen, it won’t encourage tender new growth and there is no danger of burning your plants. Instead, the phosphorus and potassium help with sturdiness, overall vigor, and better flower and fruit production. Use this in fall and winter on late winder and spring flowering shrubs, like Camellias, Azaleas and Rhododendrons to encourage the best quality flowers. Or try it on your fruiting plants, like citrus or deciduous fruit trees to help promote better fruit in the coming year.